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Stoc de peste 3600 de repere Originale Land Rover / Range Rover

Senzor oxigen – ERR6729


Inlocuieste vechiul cod PRC7062

Compatibil cu :


  • Discovery I | ’94 – ’95 | Fits 3.9L Motors Only – (2) Required
  • Range Rover Classic | ’87 – ’95 | Fits 3.5, 3.9 & 4.2L Motors Only – (2) Required
  • Defender 90 | ’94 – ’95 | Fits 3.9L Motors Only – (2) Required
  • Defender 110 | ’93| Fits 3.9L Motors Only – (2) Required


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PRC7062  / AMR6244

This oxygen sensor replacement (Part # AMR6244) has been specifically designed for older Land Rover vehicles that use a 3.5, 3.9 or 4.2L engine. This includes Range Rover Classic 1987 – 1995, Discovery 1 1994 – 1995, as well as Defender 90 1994 – 1995 and 110 1993 model vehicles. These Classic and Defender oxygen sensor replacements come with the proper molded connector to fit your vehicle – no need to splice old connectors to your new sensors like you would with cheaper O2 sensor replacements.

New oxygen sensors can reduce emissions, maximize fuel economy and boost engine performance. With an older vehicle (and older emissions system), you can’t afford to drive around with outdated O2 sensors!

The Land Rover models listed above require two (2) total oxygen sensors – one left and one right. Both sensors are mounted in front of the catalytic converter and measure the oxygen levels of gases leaving the combustion chamber. The amount of fuel entering your engine is then adjusted based on the oxygen levels of your exhaust gas. As an oxygen sensor ages, it becomes contaminated, reducing its ability to read and react to your vehicle’s O2/gas mixture. A sudden drop in fuel economy and a “check engine light” are common symptoms of a failed O2 sensor.

Be sure to change both oxygen sensors at the same time to ensure proper monitoring of your Rover’s emissions system. We recommend oxygen sensor replacements every 60k miles.

Land Rovers with 4.0 and 4.6 Motors use ERR1834 or AMR6244.

2 pcs Required

Model: Defender 110 | '93
Calitate: Piesa Originala
Cod OE: ERR6729
Disponibilitate: Verificare Telefonic : 0755 999 666
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